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Show in 2 Weeks: Bedtime Stories

Ages: 8-18

M-F August 2-6 & August 9-13 with a Performance on Saturday August 14th TBD

Instructor: Liz Bertsch

Enrollment: 10-30

Fee: $200

Bedtime Stories 2.jpeg

Be challenged to work as an actor and cast member to create a hysterical comedy that happens to have some classic stories, but told with fun new twists.

Bedtime Stories (as told by our dad..... who messed them up) is a great opportunity to work together in our full student age range environment that we love to work with here at ETC while taking on the extra fun challenge of bringing a script to the stage in just two weeks time. 

About the script:

It's Dad's turn to tell his three rambunctious kids their bedtime stories, but when he gets fuzzy on the details, the classics get creative: a prince with a snoring problem spices up The Princess and The Pea, The Boy Who Cried Wolf cries dinosaur instead, and Rumpelstiltskin helps turn all that pesky gold into straw. You may think you know your fairy tales, but not the way Dad tells them.

We will create an entire production that is approx 60 minutes long over the course of two weeks. If you are new to theater, or have experience, this class is for you. The class will conclude with a live performance for friends and families. 


for all classes

  1. We will be meeting in person, and follow COVID-19 guidelines established by the Oregon Health Authority. It is expected that the mask and capacity mandates will have been lifted before this class is scheduled to begin. Your student may wear a mask, but it will not be required for this class. Class location is 3445 SE Hillyard Rd. Gresham, OR

  2. Tuition fees are refundable as long as it is before class begins.

  3. Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis.

  4. Our mission is to make our program available to all. If our class fee is prohibiting you for participating, please contact us at or (971) 231-5032. 

  5. Any questions? Please contact us at or 971-231-5032

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