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Oliver! Auditions

Auditions for our June production of Oliver!

We will be holding auditions for our All Ages production of Oliver! Audition time slots are available on Friday January 25th and Saturday January 26th. Callbacks January 29th 6:30 – 9pm.  Please contact or 971-231-5032 to sign up.

Important information:

  • Eastside Theater Company cast members production tuition $150
  • No conflict date zone: May 20th-June 16th
  • Performance dates: June 7th-9th & 14th-16th

Where: Eastside Theater Rehearsal Space

31 NE 3rd St. Gresham OR 97030

Oliver! Character Description and Range

Oliver Twist (Boy Soprano, 9-13, C4 – F#5)  A remarkably pious, innocent, charming workhouse boy. Small for his age.

Fagin (Baritone C3 – F4, 50+)  A conniving career criminal. training homeless children to pick pockets for him in return for shelter.

Nancy (Alto G3 – G5, 30)  An abused career thief, whore and former child pickpocket, but noble and likeable. Wise beyond her years.

The Artful Dodger (Boy Soprano Bb4 – Eb5, 15, cockney accent)  The cleverest and most charming of Fagin’s pickpockets. Talks and dresses like a grown man although he is undersized.

Mr. Bumble (Baritone, C3 – A5, 40 – 50s)  The pompous, self-important beadle. Preaches Christian morality, but behaves without compassion toward the paupers under his care. Chubby.

Mrs. Corney (Soprano, D4 – F5, 40 – 50s)  The matron of the workhouse. A hypocritical, callous, domineering and demanding widow.

Bill Sykes (Baritone A3 – D4, 30-50)  A brutal, menacing professional burglar brought up in Fagin’s gang.

Bet (Alto, 16)  One of Fagin’s child pickpockets, idolizes Nancy.

Mrs. Bedwin (Soprano, 45-60)  Mr. Brownlow’s kindhearted, motherly housekeeper.

Mr. Sowerberry (Baritone C3 – F4, 40-50)  The undertaker to whom Oliver is apprenticed.

Mrs. Sowerberry (Soprano C4 – F5, 40 – 50)  Mean, judgmental, henpecks her husband.

Charlotte Sowerberry (14 – 17)  The Sowerberrys’ loose daughter

Noah Claypole  A charity boy and Mr. Sowerberry’s apprentice. A pimply, overgrown, cowardly bully.

Mr. Brownlow (non-singing, 50+)  A well-off, compassionate, sensible, gentleman who turns out to be Oliver’s grandfather.

Street Vendors (may be doubled with other parts): Strawberry Seller (Soprano), Rose Seller (Soprano), Milk Maid (Mezzo/Alto), Knife Grinder (Baritone/Bass), Long Song Seller (Baritone).

Other Characters: Dr. Grimwig, Charles Bates, Old Sally, Old Lady, policemen, workhouse boys,Oliver

Requirements, Tips, and Pointers

Things Not to Do at an Audition

Auditioning is hard.  Putting yourself on the line for the chance at a role can be scary.  Walking out onto a stage alone in front of a dark room or a panel of directors can be unnerving.  Part of that is the fact that you just don’t know what to expect and / or what the director is looking for.  That’s just the way it is, but you can help yourself by memorizing and avoiding these common auditioning traps.

Learn All About The What-Not-To-Do’s

Improve Your Audition Chances in the Theatre