the audition process

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, auditions will be held via online submission.


Auditions are now closed. Submissions were accepted between Monday September 21st to the end of the day Monday September 28th.

We ask that in the beginning of your video, please slate your name, height, and age, then deliver a prepared 1-1.5 minute monologue of your choosing.

Sep 21-28

New to

Online Auditions?

If you have never submitted an audition online before, not to worry!


One of our acting coaches, Neil, has put together an entertaining and informational video about how to do this!

is needed to apply


  • You need to be in the age range of 7-18.

  • You need to complete the online form and attach your submission video and a current photo (steps below).

  • You will need to check your email on October 1st to see if you are needed at the physical callback.

  • You will need a mask and a water bottle if you are asked to attend the invitational callback on October 2nd (Details to come).

  • If you are cast, there is a tuition fee of $150. Eastside Theater is committed to making the performing arts accessible and we do not turn away students based on ability to pay.

for Production


  • Rehearsals begin 4 PM October 11th and will run Sunday, Tuesdays, and Fridays through February.

  • Monday rehearsals will be added in January after winter break. 

  • Tech will run the last day of January through the first week of February.
    (Tech applications will be accepted at a later date).


  • We will be filming all day Saturday February 6th.

  • More details to come on when and how our audiences will view the final production.



from past seasons

  • Our audition process has changed, and streamlined for maximum safety.

    Our rehearsals will require masks, and, if mandates remain the same, we will also wear masks while performing.

  • Our performance will be a hybrid of both live performance, and film set technique. We are innovating a whole new kind of theatrical experience!

  • Our final, and only performance, will not be open to the public unless mandates change and we are in Phase 3 of COVID-19 reopening.  

From Families


  • We expect, like in the past, that the students arrive on time, and treat one another with kindness.

  • We will send COVID procedures out in an email prior to our first rehearsal, please read them over as a family and make sure you ask us questions via email if you have any.

  • We expect to have our families volunteer just as we have in the past, the positions will just be different than what they have been. More to come once the show is cast! 

  • We expect that we will all give each other grace as we figure out how to best follow state mandates while still prioritizing enjoyment for our families, and the Gresham community. 

Ready to SUBMIT YOUR audition?

A Google Account is required to submit an audition form online.
If you do not have one, click here to start a free account

Your successful audition submission requires completion of this form, which is also where you will upload your audition video and current photo (also required).

If you have any questions, contact us at